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Bridal Package

Premium package with everything we got

Custom snapfilter

We'll design and submit a custom snapchat filter for the time and location of your event.

Elegant scrapbook

Your choice of wood/metal/acrylic engraved with a custom design. The booth will print out extra copies for your guest to sign.

4 Hours unlimited pics

Completely unlimited pics for the 4 hours, we mean it, completely unlimited. However many pics your guest want to take.

Premium backdrop

Spice up a booth with a premium backdrop!

Live slideshow

As pics are taken they're shown on a tv slideshow outside the booth, so guest can see the fun and want to join in.

Larger 4x6 print outs

Double the size, double the fun, larger 4x6 print outs for your guest to enjoy.

Pick between the cube or social booth

Larger 4x6 print outs

Included in the bridal package comes amazing larger 4x6 print outs. You can choose any of our premium formats

Any premium backdrop

Choose from any of our amazing premium backdrop options

Complimentary snap filter

Capture the memories on snapchat with a customized filter, we take care of the design and submission, you don't have to worry about a thing!

The perfect way to save your pics

Bridal package comes with an amazing way to save all your memories in a customized scrapbook that will last a life time.

Elegant custom scrapbook

Not just for brides

Quinces | Sweet 16 | Any party

Over $600 in free add-ons Social Booth / 590 The Cube / 690 Bridal Package / 915
4 hours unlimited pics $85+
Custom scrapbook $185+
Custom snapchat filter $65+
Premium backdrop $50+
Upgraded 4x6 $45+
Live slideshow $75+
2 attendants $115+